Platforms for Language Teacher Education (PLaTE) is set up with the support of Teaching Development Grant under the project “Research-based and Data-driven Approach to Student-teacher Development”. It aims to provide academic and professional support to students, graduates and teaching professionals through a variety of online tools. PLaTE includes:

  1. databases of self-developed teaching and learning materials and videos of exemplar teaching, available at English Teacher Education on the Net (ETENet) and Chinese Teacher Education on the Net (CTENet);
  2. online platforms for exchanges of insights on current issues of language teaching, available at Netter and Bo Yu; and,
  3. blog-based teaching portfolios of students.

For further information, please contact Prof. Eunice Tang (



  1. 原創教與學材料的資料庫,內容包括教與學資源、示範教學錄像。以上資料可參考英文教師教育網 (ETENet)及中文教師教育網 (CTENet);
  2. 就現行語文教育議題交流意見的在線平台,見Netter及《博喻》網站;
  3. 網誌為本教學歷程檔案,供學員使用。